Thursday, July 26, 2007

There’s Something About Transphobia

I'm continually amazed at the hatred and bigotry shown by the Fox Broadcasting Network. Their fall lineup includes the inherently transphobic series, "There’s Something About Miriam." The series first aired in the 2004 in the UK and features six men who try to win the affection of 21-year-old Mexican model Miriam. In the final episode it is revealed to the suitors that Miriam is a preoperative transsexual woman.

The series originally ran in the UK and was widely condemned by the media as "the cruelest reality show idea yet." The contestants sued claiming that Brighter Pictures had committed conspiracy to commit sexual assault, defamation, breach of contract and personal injury in the form of psychological and emotional damage. The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

The show portrays transgender people as deceitful sexual perverts who get their jollies by preying on unsuspecting men. It's the same type of voyeurism and "gotcha" exploitation that killed Scott Amedure. Amedure appeared on a taping of the Jenny Jones Show, revealing his "gay crush" on Jonathan Schmitz. Three days later Scmitz bought a shotgun and went to Amedure's home and murdered him. In the trial that followed, the defense tried to blame Amedure for his own murder. This type of panic strategy was also used in the murder trial of a transgender teen, Gwen Araujo.

When media giants like Fox use transgender people in such a "Jerry Springer" kind of way, it serves to perpetuate negative stereotypes that will have a negative impact for years after the program airs.

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Unknown said...

Perhaps we all might make a difference and get this show cancelled (it certainly couldn't hurt to try!) by contacting both the Fox Headquarters ( and your local affiate ( and voicing your concern about this show.

Unknown said...

Just a note of clarification - it looks like this show won't be shown on the main Fox channel, but instead on the new cable-only Fox Reality channel (wow - do we really need reality TV 24-7? Leave it to Fox to provide that disservice to America!!).

Details here:

So here is the contact info for that channel if you care to contact them about this:

frankoooo said...

The only way to get a show canceled, is if people don't watch it and/or if sponsors dont't sponsor it.

There was a number of action groups boycotting particular sponsors to stop sponsoring The Jenny Jones Show's right up until it was finally canceled.

The wrongful death civil battle that my family fought against Warner Brothers with regarding the so-called Jenny Jones Show Murder had some impact on programing, guest screening and after care. At least I like to think so. But then again, I don't watch day time TV so I can't be certain.

Frank Amedure Jr

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