Monday, July 16, 2007

Argentina: ATTTA.ORG and more

The posting below about a positive ad by Banco Provincia in Argentina made me want to make visible an important Argentine activist group: Asociacion Travesti Transexuales Transgenero Argentinas . A.T.T.T.A. has done a lot of important organizing against poverty, violence, and HIV. And done it in the face of enormous odds, including state-sanctioned violence. Paisley Currah and I will have the honor of publishing some of their writings in an upcoming CLAGS publication titled Transgender Justice.

Additionally, two important activist voices from Argentina are Mauro Cabral and Paula Viturro (both are published in Transgender Rights). Mauro has been an important voice in international human rights work around gender and sexuality. Mauro is also a co-translator of PFLAG's Spanish language version of Our Trans Children (Nuestros/as Hijos/as Trans).

So... this is my way of recognizing and thanking these folks for their vital work.

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