Friday, August 01, 2008

Yet another hater effort to rollback LGBT rights

From a right-wing rag that I won't dignify with a link:

A Christian civil-liberties organization announced on Thursday it is representing an alliance of residents, congregations and businesses against Hamtramck, Mich., to overturn a city law privileging homosexuals and cross dressers.

The Thomas More Law Center's clients are targeting an ordinance that permits males who profess to consider themselves women and wish to use women's bathrooms in businesses and public buildings. Facility owners and managers who prohibit a cross-dressing male from entering a women's lavatory can be fined $500 for each day they enforce that policy and could face civil litigation.

On Tuesday, the coalition rallied in front of Hamtramck City Hall and reported they had gotten over 1,000 city residents to sign a petition placing a measure on the November 2008 election ballot to strike down the law.

And once again, while the "virtual normal" crowd can talk themselves blue in the face about how the LGBs have nothing to do with the Ts, the haters don't bother to distinguish... This seems to be concerted tactic, since the specter of "men in women's bathrooms" is some that's raised in LGBT rights repeal efforts in Florida and elsewhere.

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