Saturday, May 24, 2008

Is She the One?

As I start typing this piece, the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” is on Sci-Fi, in preparation for the upcoming new, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” I bring this up because the search for love, that one true love, is as much of a crusade as searching for the Holy Grail, and in some cases, more rare. I may have found the “Holy Grail” of my life. I may have found my one true love.

I say “may,” because there are still too many unknowns and hurdles in this new relationship that we cannot be certain of. Life is full of twists and turns, ups and downs and any one of them could end our relationship in a heartbeat. For now, we move forward.

Karen and I met at the Tucson IFGE Conference on a Wednesday when the hotel was providing snacks and finger foods for the attendees that night in the bar. I saw her walk into with her friends and was instantly drawn to her beauty. But, I suspected that someone as good looking as her already had a special person in her life.

As the evening progresses, I went to get some food, but when I got to the table, the main dishes were gone and they were bringing out more. I waited patiently for them to bring out the food and as I did, Karen walked up, so we struck up a conversation. I found out she lived in Austin, Texas.

Shortly into the conversation, she made an interesting comment that still makes us both laugh today. She said, “I identify as a lesbian.” Now, I hadn’t even traveled down that road of conversation, so I found the comment rather perplexing, to say the least.

“So do I.” I smiled. “My friends and I plan on going to a lesbian night club at ten. Would you care to go?”

“I’d love to.”

Thus started a journey on a trip that culminated into one of the most fantastic conferences I have ever experienced. We spent as much time together at the conference as was possible. We had dinner together, danced together, stared at the stars in the crystal clear desert night, and we felt the joys of passion together. It was magical.

But, as we all know, the awe of magic soon fades and reality takes its place. We both didn’t want the only reality for us to be those three days in Tucson, so we stayed in touch. One of the ways we communicated was through the modern technology of web cams. Not only could we talk, but we could see each other. We laughed, we cried and we played our favorite music for each other. To see each other in such a fashion helped to maintain the spark we felt at the conference.

It quickly became obvious that we had to get together once again, so the plan was for her to fly to Atlanta for a three-day weekend. It was to take place six weeks from the time we first met in Tucson. The wait was excruciating. We counted down the days.

What would we find on this next weekend? Would we see that the time we spent in Tucson was nothing more than two ships passing in the night? Or, could we at least capture what we had six weeks earlier? Fear filled my heart. I wanted to see her once again. I wanted to hold her once again. I wanted to kiss her once again.

The day came and I picked her up at the airport. My heart soared when I give her a hug and a kiss, right on the curb of the terminal. It was only the beginning of what would turn out to be the most amazing weekend in my life. She felt the same way when it was all over.

What is this new and outstanding feeling I’m experiencing here? I have had other girlfriends in the past and had a great time with them. What makes Karen so different? I have felt love many times in my life, but why is it so intense with Karen? Am I finally getting the chance to experience what REAL LOVE is? If so, I don’t want it to stop.

Karen and I connected in ways that the English language still hasn’t created the words to adequately describe how we feel about each other. We touched each other’s souls so deeply that our hearts beat in harmony. Just a light touch to the arms or the face redefines the word “sensuality.” Her kiss sends shivers down my spine and through my whole body. All of our senses intensify with every movement our bodies touch. Songs are written about finding heaven on earth. I now know that it is possible.

I truly love Karen and I cannot stop saying that. But, reality keeps us from enjoying a full life together. Both of us have good jobs and many responsibilities in the cities where we live. Our roots run deep in the Georgia red clay and the brown soil of the Texas plains. We do not see any possible way to snap those roots . . . at least for now. One never knows what other things can change our fortunes in the future.

For now, we have resigned ourselves to seeing each others whenever we can, based on finances and time off. Long distance relationships are not known to work out, but I have heard exceptions to that. We are both hoping that Time will show us the way to a happy life together. Yet, Time can also show us the futility of our love. “Love conquers all,” the saying goes. Will time and distance trump love? Not if we have anything to say about it.

We will work in fighting to keep our love strong. In the meantime, Karen and I will see each other on the 4th of July weekend and on other weekends in the future. Let’s hope that love can truly conquer all. I asked in the title if Karen is “The One.” After all the times I had my heart broken, its time I found The One, and I see Karen as that person.

I love you, Karen.

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shakay said...

This Karen, who also lives in Austin, Texas, looks very familiar to a Karen I met at Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta. If it is, my soul fell in love with her soul, and if it is the same person, she is indeed a very special individual. It wasn't destined to last, but I am so very happy that she has found someone to love and love her in return. I wish both of you happiness always.
She will know who this is.