Saturday, May 17, 2008

Introduction (geez... ANOTHER crossdresser?!?!)

Hi all - despite several years of life in online forums I am still lousy at the whole "introductory post" thing. So rather than being brilliant or thought-provoking, I'll stick to the basics for now.

My fem name is Erica Foley. I am a 38 year old TG. I spend about 15% of my non-work time en femme, so I sometimes describe myself "serious crossdresser". That's mostly tongue in cheek, because (1) I have a bugaboo about self-segregation in the trans community and (2) I'm not a serious person generally.

Other biographical stuff (not trans related): I live in New York and work as a lawyer in New York City. I am happily married (wife knows) and heterosexual. I have two young children and no pets.

Until recently I kept a fairly active blog on Yahoo 360. With the near-demise of that site I am casting around for my next online home. Although most of my blog entries are either personal or of the "what I wore out to the bar tonight" sort, I do occasionally try to broaden my emotional or intellectual horizons a bit. When I do, I'll cross-post.

And I look forward to reading more here! And that's probably enough for now.


PS: Thanks to Helen for the invite!


helen_boyd said...

i think you're the only married, straight-identified CD on here, actually.

Lori D said...

Well, I'm certainly glad to see you here, considering I get posts via an RSS feed. And since 360's demise, I worried where you'd be. But you are most certainly prolific enough to write here! I welcome the addition and look forward to continuing reading about your magnificent and interesting life!