Monday, May 12, 2008

Looking for New Bloggers

5/14 update: I've added a few new writers who I'm happy to have on board, so I won't be adding anymore for a while. Thanks everyone for your interest.

I'm looking for new writers for this Trans Group Blog - either established authors or ones who are up & coming. I'd like especially to see people who already have kept their own blogs for some time.

Much needed: FTM spectrum authors, partners, allies. You are free to cross-post anything trans related to your own blog at this one, since I've always intended this blog to be a little like the magazine Mother Jones - more of a compendium of what a lot of different kinds of trans people are writing.

I'd prefer writers who write more in the essayist tradition, about political & other issues concerning the trans community, and not so much of the "personal journey" type blogging that is more typical in trans land.

Put your recommendations in the comments, or email me privately: helenboyd (at) myhusbandbetty (dot) com.


wannatakethisoutside said...

Do you have any interest in bloggers who use pseudonyms?

There are quite a few at that might make good additions. If you approach someone there, they might be interested. (I write there and I might think about it myself but there are a couple of others who may be even better...)

Tobi said...

I'd be interested. I tend to have more of an essay and political analysis style for my writing. You can see some examples at my blog,

Unknown said...

I'd be interested if you'll have me, Helen. My email is

Becky Juro

Queers United said...

nice blog, added you to our blogroll

Lindsay said...

Did you say allies?

If you're looking for ally bloggers (I'm not trans myself but I'm a big supporter of the trans community), I'd love to do it! My blog is at

Email me at: insanesockpuppet at yahoo dot ca

Sean-Michael said...

If you're interested in photo blogs I'd be happy to post occasionally or you're welcome to link to Gender DiverCity