Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Your #1, and last reason to vote for Obama: because polls aren't always right, and a lot of races are tighter than they look like they are, and because there is no worse feeling than wondering if you could have done something, just one more thing, to make sure your candidate wins. All you've got left to do is vote. Just vote. It's not hard. Stand in line. Bring your book, bring your iPod, but most importantly, bring friends & neighbors to keep you company. Some of the best times I've ever had have been standing in line and/or electioneering near polling areas. If you've already voted, bring people standing on line hot chocolate, or gum, or candy bars, or folding chairs, or even blankets to put on the ground.

For trans voters: From 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST, the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund will have lawyers staffing their hotline to respond to callers who experience discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression at the polls. If you experience discrimination at your polling place, call their hotline at (646) 862-9396. Exercise your right to vote on November 4th. They'll be there to make sure your vote counts.

& Tomorrow we'll wake up & the trans community will have a fighting chance with President Elect Barack Obama.

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