Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Very Happy New Year!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... so was 2007 for the trans community, what with ENDA. Jacob Anderson-Minshall did a wrap-up of the year for The San Francisco Bay Times.

I'm looking forward to a long break from being quite so public; book tours are great fun, enabling you to meet tons of people who you wouldn't normally meet, but they're also exhausting because of all the travel. I'll pass the torch to Jennifer Finney Boylan, whose new book I'm Looking Through You, comes out 1/15. (Website by Betty!)

I'll be traveling to Wisconsin to teach Gender Studies - and a course in Transgender Lives - at Lawrence University, while Betty stays in Brooklyn. This will be the first time in our decade together that we'll have been separated for so long, but she is driving me there, probably visiting in February, and then coming to gather me again at the end of March. But I'm sure we'll manage, but to answer the forthcoming questions: there is no reason for us living apart besides employment issues.

All best to you all in 2008.

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-julia said...

good luck with the course Helen! although i can't say that I'll envy you weather-wise. the Bay Area has thinned my skin to the point where temperatures in the 40s feel freezing to me...

and happy new year to you too!