Sunday, December 02, 2007

TG 101

The Gender Identity Project (GIP) Center here in NYC has created a 20-minute film called Transgender Basics. It's not necessarily thorough - it's only 20 minutes! - but it does cover what it needs to for an introduction to the idea. You can view it on the Center's website.


MJ said...


I honestly just found your journal - and I intend to pay closer attention to it from here forward (especially since I'm barging in on one of your entries to make a comment *not* about your post!)

A friend of mine came across this YouTube video: ttp://

posted by a few young men in New Zealand. They filmed themselves harassing a trans woman of color and posted it on YouTube 'for laughs'. Since you're a high traffic/popular blog, I wanted to flag this video for you.

proudprogressive said...

I too just discovered and blog rolled this excellent group blog ! That film is terrific and you can count on my support as a reader and advocate for our cause. Thank you all , for all the work you do for the community. I am the accidental blogger, barely computer literate and only recently got DSL - but rest assured my efforts are focused on forwarding the educational and civil rights efforts of the lgbT movement. A retired social worker and life long activist - recent events have re awoken a new passion inside of me. Together we will move things forward. Our elders , our youth, all of us !

Karen said...

Just saw a mention that MSNBC is going to air some show called "Born in the Wrong Body" in December.

Sounded, not surprisingly, sensationalistic.

The graphic was simply the single combined gender symbol with cross and arrow.