Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Additions

Welcome to S. Bear Bergman (author of Butch is a Noun) & Matt Kailey (author of Just Add Hormones), both of whom have recently signed on to post here.


Julie Nemecek said...

The blog is a very great idea. I am very interested in being a contributor. Some of my writing can be found at my web site and my blog:

My spouse and I were recently recognized for our work at a reception at the National Press Club put on by the National Center for Transgender Equality. Jennifer Boylan was the emcee.

helen_boyd said...

just to clarify: for right now i'm trying to stick primarily with people who have already published or maintained a blog on trans issues for a few years.

that said, anyone is welcome to be a regular contributor by making comments on others' posts, & eventually i'd like to have some of the regular commenters become posters.

i'm also trying to keep some balance between MTF & FTM, transitioned/not transitioning, etc., so that the 'transitioned MTF' narrative, which i feel already dominates trans community discourse, won't do so here.

but as you keep posting to your blog i'll be happy to run the RSS feed of it on the site as i've done with Jillian Todd Weiss' blog & with NCTE's.