Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Are We Transitioning Simply To Marry?

This week there’s an article ( scroll down and follow link to read ) about Diane and I (and our Blind Eye Mystery series) in the Sydney Express News by Katrina Fox, who is, coincidently, the editor of Trans People in Love, a new anthology from Haworth that I have a piece in.

Katrina’ article is nice, nothing like the Catholic Daily News piece last month that seems think I transitioned to get around the rules against same sex marriage. The funny thing is that I’ve had lesbians ask me this too: will lesbians transition so they can gain access to legal marriages.

I can’t really see lesbians rush to become men, even if it would give them the legal privileges of marriage. Most lesbians I know aren’t interested in undergoing the counseling, legally changing their names and years of injecting hormones—and all the side effects like hair and clitoris growth, let alone undergoing surgery to have their breast removed and genitalia altered.

Considering the many couples that break up during transition, it hardly seems like the thing to do in order to commit your lives to each other!

I'd like to know what you think


helen_boyd said...

i certainly don't think it's likely that there's going to be a rush of lesbians transitioning so they can get married - about as likely as gay men transitioning MTF so they can marry their partners.

if a couple can make it through transition, then hell, they deserve some kind of "reward" at the end of the day. ;)

helen_boyd said...

& what anthology? i didn't know anyone was putting together such a thing, & there's no mention of it on haworth's site.

Valentina Simmons said...

I agree. The only case I can think of where people transition who wouldn't normally do that is in Iran where homosexuality is punishable by death but transsexualism is "accepted" (if you consider third-class status as acceptance, that is).