Saturday, July 19, 2008

Partners, Talking

On BBC, an interview with the (female) partner of an MTF and the (male) partner of an FTM is worth listening to. Though I will say the FTM in question turned into a jackass, not a man.

Most interesting to me are their thoughts about their sexual relationships.


Michael said...

Wait, the FTM is a jackass, or the male partner is a jackass?

helen_boyd said...

I was referring to the FTM, because of the part where the partner says he's taking full advantage of farting & belching... I mean, c'mon: just because guys get a little more leeway in that direction doesn't mean you have to push the envelope!

Michael said...

Ah ... he does sound like a jackass then. Being a guy isn't a license to be disgusting, an idiot, or a total dick. I fortunately know tons of guys (Trans and cis) who realise this, but I get heartily sick of the ones who don't.