Monday, July 21, 2008

Dallas: Another LGBt Rift

A gay bar, and its gay bar owner, have decided to ban drag queens and trans women from their “Trashy Tuesday” night - exactly because the bar night is so crowded that they don’t have time to babysit the bad apples of their crowd.

“How do I separate one draq queen that is being bad from others?” Moore said. “We don’t have the time on Tuesday nights with all the people in here to sit there and tell them apart from one another. If a drag queen misbehaves one week and then the next comes back in a different outfit I wouldn’t be able to recognize them. That’s why I don’t want any of them in here on Tuesdays.”

Wow, now that IS tricky! How about you just ban the person who does the bad stuff?

(from The Dallas Voice. More at their blog. Thanks to Ben for the tip.)


Jason Vincik said...

As a Dallas resident and gay man, I can assure you that members of our community are completely outraged at this bar owner's comments and actions. It's a sad day when ignorance among our "people" contributes to the hatred we've been fighting since long before Stonewall.

Obviously, there's a better way to handle the situation at hand...punish people for their individual actions. Even more disappointing is the infighting that's going on in our own community...from issues with ENDA to these ridiculous acts of ignorance among our LGBT business owners.

Please don't let the individual actions of one bar owner put a negative face on Dallas. The city, is, in fact, quite inclusive of our LGBT brothers and sisters, and we have made great strides in acceptance over the years. This one incident will pass, and hopefully with it will come a lesson learned.

riftgirl said...

Sheesh. Sometimes I'm surprised they just don't hack the "T" off the "LGB," completely. They might as well toss out the "B," too, while they're at it... Until, of course, another gay fundraiser comes around and the boys are suddenly laying out the cupcakes for us. (end of rant)

brad said...

"How about you just ban the person who does the bad stuff?"

I believe he answered that. next week, some new makeup, a new wig, a new dress, and who knows who it is? How can you ban someone that you don't recognize one week to the next?

helen_boyd said...

check ID at the door? keep a list of people who are banned from coming in?