Sunday, July 27, 2008

GenderVision releases "Pride" and 2nd DVD

Now available: another installment of the trans-produced new video program, "GenderVision."

In this fourth program, titled simply "Pride", join Gordene and Nancy for an insider's view as they march and speak with participants in Boston's 2008 Pride parade. Meet members of the new GLBT Senior Coalition, and hear from transgender and youth participants about what makes Pride so special to them. A variety of spectators contribute their perspectives, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino delivers a sincere statement of support, and Raving Raven adds some finishing reflections on what Pride means to "The Bird with the Word". Watch "Pride" at

Also newly released on DVD is GenderVision's second program, "Being Transgender… Myths & Youth Issues". The DVD includes, as a bonus feature, an exclusive interview with Grace Sterling Stowell about what it was like for her to grow up transgender. It can be purchased at

Viewers are encouraged to request that their cable access channel show the program in their area. For more information, please visit

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proudprogressive said...

Free speech TV channel 9415 on dish network takes videos and video suggestions through viewer comment line and through there web site. Its an awesome station..i plan to call em and request more programming on the TG issues..they already show gayusa and dyke tv. They get calls which they play on the air - recently people have been requesting more programs on Hemp and the Drug War - i think your show has a very good shot at being part of their programming..their number is not on the top of my head but ought to be on their website.

If we all call and request Trans programing its likely we will get it - both yours and more