Tuesday, July 08, 2008

An Ally, & a Priest

Another trans ally has been attacked defending a few trans teenagers, and right here in Queens, NY.

People often wonder why, as an ally, I get so upset about violence against trans people, but I know that as much as I’d prefer to be the type of person who would run & save myself, I’d be the idiot who got in the transphobic asshole’s way.

But more than that: sometimes people assume New York is some trans mecca. In some ways, it is. But the reality is, it only takes one transphobic asshole to ruin someone’s day.

I hope the folks at Carmen’s Place all recover okay, & that they find somewhere they feel safe.

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Delightfully Imperfect said...

Quoting the article: "In the meantime, Braxton and the transgender teens say the attack left them feeling unsafe at their shelter, and they are now looking for a new location."

Those with homes abusing those without homes by means of abusive violence. They invade the transgender safe-haven and by force impose their barbarianism upon the transgender people. It is a tragedy that sadly repeats itself too often.