Saturday, November 14, 2009

Coming Out to Kids as Trans

I was asked recently for resources for trans people with children. Honestly, there's never very much, but here's the list I sent her:

If anyone has any newer resources I haven't yet seen, please do add them!


SarasNavel said...

GQTGParenting is another. Good balance of the potential flavors of parents/ prospective parents that also happen to be trans or prospective trans. Topics range from dealing with stealth & kids (!) to requests for info regarding pregnancy after T.

"GQTGParenting is a place to talk about being trans or gender variant and birthing/adopting/raising children. PROSPECTIVE PARENTS ARE WELCOME!"

SarasNavel said...

Forgot to mention: has been around since 1995 as TransFamily of Cleveland. They also have parents, couples, spouses, children and teens mail lists, but as of a while back many of the messages seemed focused on the local support group.

Kevin said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing! Keep up the great work!

Gina said...

Depending on their age, I would seriously recommend showing them "No Dumb Questions. It's a great film for kids (I showed it to my 8-year old daughter and, even though she was initially resistant to watching it, I later found her watching by herself). It starts to address issues of fear of loss or ridicule/shame they might have about it. After you show it to your kid, drive them somewhere for ice cream (them in the back seat) and I suspect you'll get a lot of comments and questions coming up!

Gina said...

As I noted on En/Gender, Colage has a specific link for trans parents:

If any readers live in the Bay Area, there is a peer lead monthly support group for trans parents sponsored by Our Family Coalition which has been going for over 2 years. It's at the San Francisco LGBT Community Center at 1800 Market St. (corner of Octavia). It's from 10am-12noon on the third Saturday of each month. For more info: