Friday, October 23, 2009

Transgender Workplace Discrimination Stats

I don't remember hearing anything about this study, nor that the results were in, but I thought others might want to check it out.

The key findings are:

  1. Survey respondents reported twice the unemployment rate of the population at large.

  2. 97% of respondents reported harassment on the job.

  3. 47% reported an adverse job situation (firing, lack of raise/promotion, not hired).

  4. 15% of transgender people lived on $10k a year or less.

I expect my usual skeptics to be surprised by these stats, and to want to know more about how the survey worked & who responded. It was done by NCTE and The Task Force, and included participants from all 50 states.

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Unknown said...

This is a major problem within the Transgender Community. This is also one of the issues the movie "Soulmates" (WWW.Soulmatesmovie.Com) addresses. It's another force that makes it harder for those considering operations.