Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Poem For Barack Obama

I am not a poet. In fact, while I've been writing for years, this is my first attempt ever at this kind of thing, so I ask your indulgence. Bad poetry it may be, but it's how I feel. I offer it in the hope that its message will supersede its failings in style and format.

As your big day approaches

I hope you realize

The hurt that you have caused us

Our feelings brutalized

As millions cheer your victory

We cry for what we've lost

To return an invitation

Is it really worth the cost?

We know you just don't get us

We're those who you avoid

I say this as a Lesbian



For all your talk of changing things

For which you are renown

Did you really have to do it?

To kick us when we're down?

We thought that you knew better

We thought you'd understand

How you'd rip our wounds back open

By honoring this man

The message you have sent us

As clear as clear can be

Fairness, freedom, and respect

Are not for those like me

I will not come to Washington

Can't bear to see that day

When the values of a bigot

Are put upon display

I will watch it on TV

But I will tune in late

For I am an American

I will not honor hate


Jackie said...

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss.....(sorry P.T.)

Please say it isn't so...please?

Janine said...

I still don't care for Warren. His beliefs cannot rationally be described as anything but despicable. However, Ms. Etheridge makes an undeniably good point. It will be interesting to see if Warren will be willing to make any such statements outside of the confines of a semi-private telephone conversation.

AA said...

Wow your post is so unbelievably shortsighted and selfcentered. Our first black president is facing the worst economic crisis since the great depression, two overseas wars, massive failures over the last 15 years to do anything about climate change, and you think he's abusing you because he chose Rick Warren to do something at the inauguration??? He's going to be President of the US and there are going to be compromises. Welcome to the real world of real politics.

Unknown said...

But why compromise on this Ariel? Why is it necessary for Obama to choose such a divisive figure for a ceremonial event that's suppoed to be welcoming and in clusive of all Americans?

Sure politics is the art of compromise, but this isn't politics it's showmanship and unworthy of the values Obama spent two years campaigning on.

Monica Roberts said...

The point that's pissing me and many other African-Americans off is that Obama has yet to even take the oath of office, and many of you (and I'm gonna say it) white peeps are already trying to compare him to Bill Clinton.

Give the man a chance to enact policy and judge his presidency on that before you start criticizing him for BS ancillary issues.

Unknown said...

C'mon Monica, this isn't about race and you know it. It's about credibility, about Obama being consistent in adhering to the values he said he believes in.

So far post-election he's shown us zero respect and zero regard for our feelings, by appointing a divisive, openly homophobic preacher, particularly in the wake of Prop 8. I see no reason to blindly trust any politician, and particularly not one who's shown such a lack of empathy for our community as he has.

Did we learn nothing from the last 8 years, from that guy who claimed to be a "uniter not a divider"?

In all honesty, I didn't expect any better than that from George Bush. I do expect better from Obama.

If we can't even count on him to be respectful to us during a party, how is it reasonable to expect it from him once he's President?