Friday, March 07, 2008

more Dreger/Bailey stuff

For those interested, I wrote a column that was just posted on that discusses a few recent developments regarding Alice Dreger’s “scholarly history” of the Bailey controversy.

Also, I am happy to say that my “peer commentary” on Dreger’s article was accepted for publication, giving me the surreal experience of being able to say that I have a paper coming out in a sexology journal. Anyway, you can download a PDF version of my commentary here:

I also recorded a somewhat long-ish podcast where I talk in detail about all of the problematic aspects of Dreger’s paper (there were too many to fit into my commentary). If you’re interested, that can be found here:


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GentillyGirl said...

I like your critique of Dreger and the Bailey flap.

Years ago I weighed in on the Baily/Blanchard/Lawrence stuff, but I've been too busy living Life to pay much attention these past 3 years.

Keep it going.