Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Trans on Oprah

As it turns out, Oprah will be recording a new show about trans - in fact, two shows (again!). Betty & I did not, unfortunately, make it on this time either, as the shows are focused on families & children. From what I know, the first will be about families in which there are children who are trans, and the second will be focusing on families where a parent (or both) is trans.

Thus, not us. And while I could rant & rave about the legitimacy of our family, because we ARE one, dammit, even though we don’t have children, I won’t, as the producer we’ve spoken to has been quite lovely and the whole experience very pleasant & encouraging.

I don’t know when the shows are airing, but I assume in not too long.

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Giselle said...

As the daughter of a transfather, I had some thoughts about what I heard about the show. Since I live in Mexico, I can see Oprah on cable, but she is on a Global South schedule! lol

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