Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Big Shitty Lie: Transgender Trouble and Toilets

On twitter yesterday, Kyle Pratt of Ruminations Blog posted this:

'Bathroom bill' foes rally in Mass.: http://digg.com/d1tt6Z?t
More problems with "transgender" guys and restrooms.
Of which I responded with:
Can you name one person that's been a victim of a sex crime by transgender person in a bathroom? Lying to scare people is pathetic.
he responded by saying:
I don’t think I scared anyone, it wasn’t a lie--it is a warning. There 's no reason a man should go into a women's room.
While I'm a very liberal Democrat, I can respect people who hold different/opposing views than mine. What I cannot respect is dishonesty. The article he pointed to says:
Activists want to add transgender to the Bay State's existing "hate crimes" bill. Evelyn Reilly, director of public policy for the Massachusetts Family Institute, tells OneNewsNow that lawmakers who support the measure are bowing to a fraction of the population -- and in that process, are endangering women and children.
Zoe Brain over at A.E. Brain frames it succinctly:
It's legal to persecute the transgendered in 37 states, but in 13 it isn't. Yet in those 13 states, there have never been these mythical "bathroom issues". Not once. Oh, perverts have used womens facilities as places to attack, rarely, but they've never tried to use the human rights legislation, either mentioning "sex" or "gender identity" as a defence. Not once in 33 years.I guess though that Lincoln was right: you really *can* fool some of the people all of the time. Enough of them, anyway.

If there really *was* a danger - then we'd admit it, and try to find a solution to work around it. We have children too. And we'd be in just as much danger.

But you can't work around something that doesn't exist. All you can do is show that it's a myth, and a deliberate lie.
That's what these so called "conservative Christians" have to revert to, to scare people about a nonexistent problem... a very deliberate, very focused lie. Meanwhile there are transgender people who are sexually and physically assaulted in restrooms of their birth gender that happen every day. It's not theoretical, it's a reality. It happens and these so called "Christians" care more about their dishonest agenda than transgender people's safety? That doesn't seem very Christ like.

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Liv said...

Christ has nothing to do with it. It's the sick individuals who happen to fall under or use religion as a platform for their sick demented views. Anyone who purposely takes on a campaign to deny transgendered people- individuals who suffer more then Christ himself in a lifetime, their fundamental dignity; should be, IMO locked up for a mental disability in their own right.

Ariel said...

No, transgender people do not suffer more than Christ. That's the kind of silly exaggeration that makes our movement look like a bunch of clowns.

Tabitha Wolf said...

Can we leave the mythological bickering out of this? I think the real point is that if I try to use the boys room I attacked. If I use the girls room I get stared at. The bathroom issue is a lose lose either way, but if I could avoid getting fired for being trans... There's an idea we should look at. :-)