Wednesday, October 22, 2008

GenderVision: Gender, Race, and 2008 Presidential Politics

From simply rude to dangerously racist, Florida Atlantic University Professor Jane Caputi's collection of bumper stickers, posters, t-shirts, buttons, hats and other paraphernalia from the current Presidential campaign, illuminated by her brilliant insights, are as shocking as they are disturbing. Evidencing a deep disquiet within the American soul, these images serve as testimony to work yet to be done in the business of healing divisions across lines of gender, race, and generation. Join hosts Gordene O. MacKenzie, PhD, and Nancy Nangeroni in "Gender, Race, and 2008 Presidential Politics" as they interview Dr. Caputi and view samples of her collection, probing for meaning in the disturbing imagery.

GenderVision also releases its newest DVD, "Transgender-Friendly Public Policy", which presents an extended interview with Gunner Scott, co-founder and director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC), detailing changes to public policy that are needed in order to create a truly transgender-inclusive society. MTPC is currently the lead sponsor of a statewide legislative initiative to provide protections for all people against discrimination in employment, education, credit and accommodations based on gender identity or expression. The DVD can be purchased at or from

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helen_boyd said...

great stuff, as usual.

the one thing i'd add - for those who feel guilty for finding any of these funny - is how much they can relieve anxiety about change. change makes people nervous, even when they're for it.

that's not saying it's not also misogynist, or racist, or homophobic - it is - just that there's another layer to it, imho.