Monday, June 30, 2008

What if they held a march and no one covered it?

JoeMyGod has a great post about why Pride events still matter, which in turn made me realize that yet again the San Francisco Chronicle had no coverage of the Trans March, aside from a brief listing in "upcoming events" stories and a passing reference or two in other stories -- just as they've had no coverage of the event itself ever. (The first year, there was a pre-event story, but that's it.)

Despite the fact that both the Dyke March on Saturday and Sunday' parade both get extensive coverage and the fact that draws thousands of people.

This from a newspaper that proudly features an annual "Big Gay Issue" of its Sunday Datebook section, with wall-to-wall pre-Pride coverage. I'm an ex-reporter, so I know it's not a question of deadlines. If they can cover Saturday night's Dyke March, which starts at the same time, they could cover the Trans March.

I didn't catch the TV news Friday night, so I don't know whether they covered it.

Thinking about JoeMyGod's piece... forget about Pride now being more about "it's our party, darlings" because we're here every year and people are used to it -- trans people don't even seem to merit visibility.

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helen_boyd said...

Nice post, Lena. I've been sad about the non-inclusive nature of the trans march here in NYC, too, but not having a significant, inclusive march like SF's covered is pretty depressing.