Sunday, April 06, 2008

Another Kind of Trans Daddy

OK, so I'm in a bad mood. But it's not all me; just read this infuriating letter from the president of Verizon's GLBT employee group (GLOBE), in response to a posting by Autumn Sandeen.

Apparently, consulting with a transgender organization such as NCTE about adequate policy, instead of HRC or UUAC, is beyond the realm of possibility for GLOBE or Verizon. Instead, Mr. Perisie extends his benevolent oversight for our protections. Is he joking? Or just a Bush myopian? Absence of explicit protections is as inadequate for transgender persons as it once was for gay men.

Nobody's protection should not depend on the benevolence of any leader. It should exist in writing so that when rights are abridged, victims have access to the means for redress.


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Stellewriter said...

There is no question that the welfare of the Intersex and Transsexual community is not well served by HRC, or business.

Transsexuals and Intersex…Let us understand those who have medical issues…
Every ten minutes a child is born, 1/2500, in which the doctor cannot determine the sex, or gender. This is not talking about homosexuality, but tragically a congenital condition of birth which can be caused by endocrine agents and chemicals. These children are Intersex; they are born into a life of not male or female. Likewise in similar fashion the Transsexual is identified with a Bioneurological congenital condition, and they too are locked into something not quite so clearly defined as male, or female gender. The best we can do is live as close to what we seem to believe we are. That may preclude the wants, and often ignorant and bigoted beliefs of others. In what case do we ignore this issue and abandon the children who now cannot hide? How can anyone continue in hate and prejudice so as to deny simple equality and justice? Not an easy thing to resolve, but one that is present and will not go away. I can appreciate other’s opinions, and the freedom to express same, but I would hope all would be with regard to the children, teens, and emerging adults, and all who are not so fortunate to have been born by someone’s idea of “normal.” As a Conservative, Christian, Parent, and “Transsexual”, law should be equal for everyone, or it is not fit for anyone, yet, equality and recognition are still a dream for many.